About Me

I am a tenure-track faculty member at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS) -- a position equivalent to a US assistant professor -- and head of the Cloud Software Systems Group.

I joined MPI-SWS in September 2018. Before that, I was a graduate student at Brown University (2011-2018), where I worked with Rodrigo Fonseca. At Brown, I was supported in part by a Facebook PhD Fellowship, and had various collaborations with researchers at Facebook Research and at Microsoft Research. Before Brown, I attended Oxford University (2005-2009) and worked at IBM UK (2009-2011).

My Research Interests

My research interests include cloud systems, distributed systems, networking, and operating systems. The main goal of my research is to make it easier to operate large software systems and to understand their behavior at runtime.

The kind of systems I like to think about include public cloud offerings such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud; open-source systems like those in the Hadoop ecosystem; and emerging paradigms like microservice architectures and function-as-a-service platforms.

My research entails -- among other things -- designing new abstractions for building distributed systems; new runtime techniques for measuring, adapting, and enforcing system behaviors; and new tools for analyzing behaviors both online and offline. My research is practical in nature, and evaluation often involves developing new tools, modifying existing open-source systems, and designing and implementing new systems entirely.


If you are a prospective student, please read the Information for Prospective Students.

In general my preferred contact method is e-mail.


+49 681 9303-8801

Room 409 in the Saarbrücken building of MPI-SWS. Map

Campus E1 5
66123 Saarbrücken

Research Group

Details coming soon (last update October 2018)


Pedro Las-Casas, Jonathan Mace, Dorgival Guedes, Rodrigo Fonseca
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Jonathan Mace
Ph.D. Thesis, Brown University, May 2018.
Jonathan Mace, Rodrigo Fonseca
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Jonathan Mace, Peter Bodik, Madanlal Musuvathi, Rodrigo Fonseca, Krishnan Varadarajan
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Jonathan Mace, Ryan Roelke, Rodrigo Fonseca
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Rodrigo Fonseca, Jonathan Mace
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Jonathan Mace, Peter Bodik, Rodrigo Fonseca, Madanlal Musuvathi
In Proceedings of the 12th USENIX Symposium on Networked Systems Design and Implementation (NSDI), May 2015.
Jonathan Mace, Peter Bodik, Rodrigo Fonseca, Madanlal Musuvathi
In Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on Hot Topics in Dependability (HotDep), October 2014.
I'm hiring PhD students and interns

I have open positions and ongoing projects on the following topics:

  • Distributed ML Inference Serving (GPU multiplexing, multi-resource scheduling, multi-tenant scheduling, load balancing)
  • Tracing Distributed Systems (adaptive sampling, automatic instrumentation, developing cross-cutting tools, critical-path measurement and analysis)
  • Large-Scale Performance Analytics (graph embeddings, data mining, machine learning, time-series databases)
  • Configuring Complex Systems (big data systems, adaptive configuration, self-driving systems, abstractions for configuration and background tasks)
  • Microservices, Function-as-a-Service, and Real-Time Data Pipeline platforms

List last updated October 2018


My group's research has a significant practical element, and applicants will need to be comfortable diving into unfamiliar code bases and rapidly prototyping new ideas.

When contacting me directly please include samples of your work that you are proud of (e.g., major projects, open-source contributions, etc.) and writing samples (e.g., your technical blog, an undergrad or semester thesis, project reports, etc.).

Even when contacting me directly, please use MPI-SWS’s online application system to apply.

Further Information

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Miscellaneous Stuff

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