Reyhaneh Karimipour

About Me

I am a second year Computer Science Ph.D. student at the Max-Plank-Institute for Software System. I am advised by Jonathan Mace in the Cloud Software systems research group.

My research interests include the areas of Network, Distributed, and Database Systems. I like tracing and measuring the performance of software systems as well as improving the accuracy of aggregate query results.

My current research is primarily focused on the topic of tracing in distributed systems. Tracing systems produce a great amount of data and recording all of it would be inefficient because of network and storage constraints. Trace Sampling is a solution to this problem, however, it does not always result in correct uniform random sampled trace data and aggregate query results. I work on a new approach to trace sampling to increase accuracy without introducing extra performance overhead.




Room 514, MPI-SWS, Campus E1 5, 66123 Saarbr├╝cken


+49 681 9303 8813


  • B.Sc. in Computer Engineering
    2014 - 2019
    Sharif University of Technology
    Undergraduate dissertation in designing algorithms for generating scale-free graphs.
    Tehran, Iran
  • Junior Research Assistant
    2017 - 2019
    Sharif University of Technology
    Working on probabilistic graphs under the supervision of Dr. S. A. Motahari that led to my undergraduate thesis
    Tehran, Iran
  • Diploma in Mathematics and Physics Discipline
    2007 - 2014
    Farzanegan High School
    Ranked among top 0.1% of 200,000 students nationwide.
    Tehran, Iran


  • Research Intern at UTS
    Summer 2018
    Summer internship focused on learning deep learning topics.
    Sydney, Australia
  • Software Developer at Arsh Company
    2016 - 2017
    UI design and android development.
    Tehran, Iran
  • Executive Director at IGO
    2015 - 2019
    Voluntary work for the Iranian Geometry Olympiad, an international geometry competition for high school students.
    Tehran, Iran