Akram El-Korashy

Akram El-Korashy

Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS)
Saarland Informatics Campus (SIC)

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I am a doctoral student with Deepak Garg in the Foundations of Computer Security group since November 2016.
I am writing my thesis on proof techniques for secure compilation, and I am broadly interested in language-based security and in applying formal verification.

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  • [Jan 2022] Gave a talk at PriSC 2022 [YouTube, slides (pdf)].
  • [Dec 2021] Gave a talk at the Dagstuhl seminar on Secure Compilation.
  • [Dec 2020] Finished a 3-month internship as Applied Scientist at Amazon Web Services. During the internship, I worked with Adam Petcher of AWS Cryptography and developed a static analysis tool that checks x86-assembly code for violations of constant-time programming.
  • [Sep 2019] Attended the 2019 EUTypes Summer School.
  • [Aug 2019] Started a 3-month software engineering internship at Google Zurich.
  • [June 2019] At the ENTROPY 2019 workshop, I gave a short talk on A Fully-Abstract Translation of Pointers to Capabilities.
  • [May 2018] At the Dagstuhl seminar on Secure Compilation, I gave a talk on Compiling a secure variant of C to capabilities.
  • [April 2018] I am TA'ing a seminar on Secure Compilation which is led by Marco Patrignani.


Before joining IMPRS as a Masters student, I worked in automotive software and in web development for a little over a year. I studied Computer Science and Engineering at the German University in Cairo. During my undergraduate years, I did my Bachelor thesis at DFKI in Kaiserslautern in 2012, and I tutored a few undergraduate courses on programming and basic data structures. During my Masters study at Saarland, I also tutored a couple of courses: Cryptography and Artificial Intelligence.

Here is my CV.