Krishna P. Gummadi

Faculty (Scientific Director)
Head, Networked Systems Research Group
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems (MPI-SWS)

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I am broadly interested in understanding and building networked and distributed computer systems.

Past Interests: Internet (Broadband) Access Networks, Trusted Cloud Computing, Peer-to-Peer / Overlay Routing Systems.

Current Interests: Social Computing Systems. (Related Key Words: Crowdsourcing and Social Media Systems, Social and Information Networks, Computational Social Science, Computational Journalism, Security and Privacy, Information Dissemination, Search, and Recommender Systems)

Current Research Overview

What are Social Computing Systems? They are an emerging class of societal-scale human-computer systems that facilitate interactions and knowledge exchange between individuals, organizations, and governments in our society. Examples include social networking sites like Facebook and Google+, blogging and microblogging sites like Twitter and LiveJournal, anonymous social media sites like Whisper and 4chan, content sharing sites like YouTube and Instagram, social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Pintrest, crowdsourced opinion sites like Yelp and eBay seller ratings, and social peer production sites like Wikipedia and Amazon's Mechanical Turk.

Motivating Perspective: Social computing systems represent human-computer symbiosis at societal-scale. By symbiosis, we refer to networking of humans and computers, where human societal behaviors affect computations and vice-versa.

Goals: The high-level goals of our studies of social computing systems are to Understand, Predict, and Control the behaviors of their constituent human users and computer systems.

Methodology: We leverage a variety of inter-disciplinary methods in our studies:

Projects: We have conducted some of the earliest studies of Social Network Analysis gathering data from real-world social networks at scale. Our recent studies have focussed on:

Datasets: We have released several datasets from our empirical studies. Details for obtaining them can be found here.

Systems: We have publicly released software code and deployed several systems and apps to illustrate the utility of our studies.

Students / Postdocs

Graduate Students: I work with the following fantastic graduate students at Max Planck Institutes: Junaid Ali, Reza Babaei, Nina Grgić-Hlača, Preethi Lahoti, Johnnatan Messias, Till Speicher

If you are interested in graduate studies at MPI-SWS, follow this link.

Postdoctoral Researchers: I am delighted to collaborate with Abhijnan Chakraborty

I am also fortunate to work with the following graduate students and postdocs outside Max Planck Institutes: Hoda Heidari, Elissa Redmiles, Giridhari Venkatadri

Former Students / Postdocs (with their first employment):


  • Distributed Systems: Winter 18
  • Human-Centered Machine Learning: Winter 18
  • Distributed Systems: Winter 16
  • Social Media Analysis: Summer 16
  • Human vs. Algorithimc Decision Making: Bias, Fairness, and Transparency: Winter 15
  • Security and Privacy in Social Computing Systems: Summer 13
  • Systems Seminar: Winter 10
  • Computer Networks: Summer 07
  • Publications

    For a complete list of my publications in chronological order, follow this link.

    Publications related to past projects: Internet Access Networks | Trusted Cloud Computing | Peer-to-Peer and Overlay Routing Systems

    Publications related to Social Computing Systems grouped by research topic: Bias, Fairness, and Transparency | Privacy, Anonymity, and Exposure | Trustworthiness, Credibility, and Reputation | Information Dissemination, Retrieval, and Assimilation | Social Network Analysis

    Bias, Fairness, and Transparency in Data Driven Decision Systems:

    Privacy, Anonymity, and Exposure in Crowdsourcing Systems:

    Trustworthiness, Credibility, and Reputation of Social Identities:

    Information Dissemination, Retrieval, and Assimilation in Social Media Systems:

    Social Network Analysis:

    Professional Activities

    For a complete list of my activities in chronological order, follow this link.

    Some upcoming and recent journals, conferences, and workshops that I am involved with:

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