Antoine Kaufmann

Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Software Systems


I obtained my PhD in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle, with Tom Anderson and co-advised by Simon Peter (at UT Austin).

Before that, I was a master's student in the computer science department at ETH Zürich until September 2014. I was being mentored by Timothy Roscoe, doing research related to the Barrelfish research OS together with other members of the ETH Systems Group. I completed my bachelors degree in computer science at ETH Zürich in 2012.

For more details see my CV.


My wife Justine teaches English as a second language. We have two cats, Scotch & Whisky, and the newest addition to our familiy, Tilney the little Border Collie:

Tilney Kaufmann


Before MPI-SWS: