Program Synthesis - SS'18

Preliminary List of Papers

  1. Program Sketching, STTT'13
  2. Automating String Processing in Spreadsheets Using Input-Output Examples, POPL'11
  3. Scaling Enumerative Program Synthesis via Divide and Conquer, TACAS'17
  4. Synthesis Modulo Recursive Functions, OOPSLA'13
  5. Complete Functional Synthesis, PLDI'10
  6. From Program Verification to Program Synthesis, POPL'10
  7. Qlose: Program Repair with Quantitative Objectives, CAV'16
  8. Optimizing Synthesis with Metasketches, POPL'16
  9. Program Synthesis from Polymorphic Refinement Types, PLDI'16
  10. Stochastic Superoptimization, ASPLOS'13
  11. Efficient Synthesis of Probabilistic Programs, PLDI'15
  12. SQLizer: Query Synthesis from Natural Language, OOPSLA'17
  13. Component-Based Synthesis for Complex APIs, POPL'17
  14. Probabilistic Model for Code with Decision Trees, OOPSLA'16
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