About me

I am a second year PhD student under the supervision of Björn Brandenburg. My main research interests are real-time systems and formal analysis methods. Presently, my main focus is Prosa project.


  1. Abstract Response-Time Analysis: A Formal Foundation for the Busy-Window Principle,
    by Sergey Bozhko, Björn B. Brandenburg
    Outstanding Paper Award
    In 32nd ECRTS 2020 [Virtual Conference]

  2. Real-Time Replica Consistency over Ethernet with Reliability Bounds,
    by Arpan Gujarati, Sergey Bozhko, Björn B. Brandenburg
    Distinguished Paper Award
    In 25th RTAS 2020: Sydney, Australia

  3. Bar-Hillel Theorem Mechanization in Coq,
    by Sergey Bozhko, Leyla Khatbullina, and Semyon Grigorev
    26th WoLLIC 2019: Utrecht, The Netherlands