Time and place

Lectures: Monday 17:15-18:45, room 48-379

Exercises: Tuesday 15:30-16:15, room 113, building 26 (MPI-SWS)

Office hours:

  • Rayna Dimitrova: Tuesday 14:00-15:00, room 511
  • Filip Nikšić: Thursday 13:30-14:30, room 515
or by appointment


Lectures: Dr. Rayna Dimitrova

Exercises: Filip Nikšić


There will be an oral exam. In order to be admitted to the exam, you need to have 60% of the total number of points on the exercise sheets during the semester.


  • Lattice theory and static analysis
  • Abstract interpretation
  • Predicate abstraction and abstraction refinement
  • Interprocedural dataflow analysis