Hi, I am Michael Sammler.

When I am not skiing or traveling the world, I am a PhD Student with Deepak Garg and Derek Dreyer at the Max Planck Institute or Software Systems and Saarland Informatics Campus.

My interests lie in implementing efficient and practical systems and formally proving properties about them. My tool of choice for the first task is Rust and for the second Iris.

My publications can be either found below or at dblp. Contact details are here.


  • The High-Level Benefits of Low-Level Sandboxing
    Michael Sammler, Deepak Garg, Derek Dreyer, Tadeusz Litak
  • ERIM: Secure, Efficient In-process Isolation with Protection Keys (MPK)
    Anjo Vahldiek-Oberwagner, Eslam Elnikety, Nuno O. Duarte, Michael Sammler, Peter Druschel, Deepak Garg
    USENIX Security'19 PDF, Code
    Distinguished paper and Internet Defense Prize