Foundations for decision problems in Separation Logic with general inductive predicates

Timos Antonopoulos, Nikos Gorogiannis, Christoph Haase, Max Kanovich, and Joël Ouaknine

We establish foundational results on the computational complexity of deciding entailment in Separation Logic with general inductive predicates whose underlying base language allows for pure formulas, pointers and existentially quantified variables. We show that entailment is in general undecidable, and ExpTime-hard in a fragment recently shown to be decidable by Iosif et al. Moreover, entailment in the base language is Π2P-complete, the upper bound even holds in the presence of list predicates. We additionally show that entailment in essentially any fragment of Separation Logic allowing for general inductive predicates is intractable even when strong syntactic restrictions are imposed.

Proceedings of FOSSACS 14, LNCS 8412, 2014. 15 pages.

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