The Cyclic-Routing UAV Problem is PSPACE-complete

Hsi-Ming Ho and Joël Ouaknine

Consider a finite set of targets, with each target assigned a relative deadline, and each pair of targets assigned a transit flight time. Given a flock of identical UAVs, can one ensure that every target is repeatedly visited by some UAV at intervals of duration at most the target's relative deadline? The Cyclic-Routing UAV Problem (CR-UAV) is the question of whether this task has a solution.

This problem can straightforwardly be solved in PSPACE by modelling it as a network of timed automata. The special case of there being a single UAV is claimed to be NP-complete in the literature. In this paper, we show that the CR-UAV Problem is in fact PSPACE-complete even in the single-UAV case.

Proceedings of FOSSACS 15, LNCS 9034, 2015. 19 pages.

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