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My friends call me Herr Dreyer (or El Dreyerino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing).

Actually, they don't, but in any case I have a blog, Herr Dreyer, wherein I pontificate, mostly about academic life.

I am married to the amazing Rose Hoberman, who runs the communication and soft skills support program at MPI-SWS. Check out her blog, The Captious Vegetarian, which contains (critiques of) many delicious, and some not so delicious, vegetarian recipes.

And now, some quotes from the masters:

"When I was a child, I was told that Santa Claus came in through the chimney, and that computers were programmed in binary code. Since then, I have learned that programming is better done in higher-level languages, more abstract and more expressive."
-- Xavier Leroy, from the introduction to his Ph.D. thesis
"Classical watches display time, but can hardly do anything else. This limitation is artificial: for instance several people confessed to be often in want of mustard...and what is the point of knowing time if you cannot get mustard?"
-- Jean-Yves Girard (alias Yann-Joachim Ringard),
from "Mustard Watches: An Integrated Approach to Time and Food"

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