About Me

firefox Now, as a research scientist, I am working at NEC Laboratories Europe, which is located at Heidelberg, a very beautiful town in Germany. From 2009 to 2011, I was a post-doctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems, working on the online advertising system named Privad with Paul Francis.

Before I came to Germany in 2009, I spend ten years on the pursuit of my Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate degrees in Computer Science at Huazhong University of Science and Technology (HUST), in Wuhan of China.

During my Ph.D study, from 2005 to 2009, I focused on the research of peer-to-peer streaming, especially peer-to-peer Video-on-Demand, under Prof. Hai Jin and Dr. Zheng Zhang. I built up the prototype of GridCast, an Internet Video-on-Demand system with peer assistance, and deployed it over a large user scale. Based on this work, my dissertation won the outstanding doctoral dissertation award of China Computer Federation in 2010.

My research interests include cloud computing, media services, and online advertising systems.

Research Experience

  • Jul. 2011 ~ Now
    Research Scientist at NEC Laboratories Europe
  • Jul. 2009 ~ Jul. 2011, worked with Dr. Paul Francis
    Postdoctoral researcher at Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
  • Dec. 2008 ~ Jun. 2009, supervised by Prof. Bo Li
    Visiting student at the Hongkong University of Science and Technology
  • Jul. 2006 ~ Dec. 2007, supervised by Dr. Zheng Zhang
    Intern at Microsoft Research Asia
  • Sep. 2005 ~ Jun. 2009, supervised by Prof. Hai Jin
    Ph.D student at the lab of Service Computing at HUST

Research Project

  • Privad
    An online advertising system with the concern of protecting user privacy
  • GridCast
    A Video-on-Demand streaming system on top of peer-to-peer technology
  • Handy
    A cluster file system with a special focus on high scalability and system availability

Recent Publication

Authorized Patent

  • Hai Jin, Bin Cheng, Xiaofei Liao, Doudou Zhao, Fucheng Wang, Yi Zhou, Hao Wang, Jiangpei Yin, "A Ring-assisted Overlay Network for P2P VoD", No. 200610019501.X, Authorized Date: 28 Jun. 2006
  • Hai Jin, Feng Xian, Guang Tan, Bin Cheng, Zhongfen Han, Shengli Li, Liping Pang, A Cluster-based Distributed Network Service System, No.02139288.9, Authorized Date: 15 Jun. 2005